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William Wroblicka

I think this recipe is unnecessarily fussy. The difference between the two kinds of flours is their protein content -- bread flour has 12.7% (per King Arthur Flour's website), cake flour has 9.4%, and all-purpose flour has 11.7%. The amounts of flour called for in the recipe are equal by weight, so the protein content of the combined bread and cake flours is 11.05%, which is practically the same as all-purpose flour. So I just used plain, old AP flour and the cookies turned out fine.


Metric Measurements

241 grams / cake flour
241 grams / bread flour
1 ¼ teaspoons baking soda
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
1 ½ teaspoons coarse salt
284 grams / unsalted butter
284 grams / light brown sugar
227 grams / granulated sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons natural vanilla extract
680 grams / bittersweet chocolate disks (at least 60%)
Sea salt


I learned a trick from Cooks Illustrsted that I have used for several recipes, including CC cookies. Use cold butter. Place about 2/3 of butter in a skillet, melt and then lightly brown the butter. Pour browned butter over cold butter in mixing bowl and mix until cold butter is melted. Mix in sugars (1/2 Lt brown and 1/2 Dk brown), salt, eggs and vanilla. Mix thoroughly, then allow to sit for 3 minutes. Mix 30 seconds, then repeat twice. Then continue with recipe. Sugars develop beautifully!


I LOVE this recipe! It is true that people absolutely go crazy for these cookies! I have adapted the recipe over the years, including pre-scooping the cookies onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet and refrigerating them prior to baking. I find it much easier to do it this way than trying to scoop cold dough. I bake what I want and put the rest in a zip-lock bag to bake later. These cookies are the best the day you bake them. I agree with Jenny W, you will be making them again, and again!

Eileen Fry

I'm not a big fan of CC cookies, but now I know it's because I have not had the best. OMG! This is THE only recipe you'll ever need. It is chewy and crisp on the outside. I used all purpose flour as the others suggested. I immediately baked the dough since I wanted to taste the difference. It was great! However, the longer the dough rested in the fridge the better it tasted. I baked it at 6 hours, 24 & 48 hours. Let me tell ya, it tasted the best after it has rested for 48.

Eileen Fry

I've been making this for over 2 months now and will pass on this recipe for generations. Simply the best! This is an update to my previous post. All purpose flour is what I use for this recipe and it's perfect! However, tonight I used the cake and bread flour as the recipe suggested. What a mistake! The cookie was on the heavier side and it's more cakey. My kids wondered what happened and demanded the original cookie. Will definitely be sticking to all purpose flour from now on.


I want to try those but I'm scared with the amount of sugar listed in the recipe. 450g sugar for 18 cookies? It means 25g sugar per cookie, almost 2 tablespoons?! Is there a way to put less sugar in the dough without changing the consistency of the final result? Thanks!


I've found it works really well rolling the dough into logs, wrapping with greaseproof paper, then cling flim, and freezing. Then I just slice off (through the wrapping) cookie segments about 1 1/2 inches thick, and bake from frozen.


How much flour would I use if I use all purpose flour only and no cake flour? Thanks!

Fast Eddie

I have made this cookie twice. I have found two things,
First I can jam a lot of chocolate, white chocolate and nuts into this recipe, but it try not to exceed the recommended amount of recommended chocolate. However these are big cookies and can hold a lot of fillings. I use 3 types of chocolate, white chocolate and walnuts, but I think pecans would be better.

Do not over bake, I found that on a good baking sheet with a good silicon sheet, that 14 to 15 min is perfect for a nice soft cookie.


so if you use all purpose flour, what is the total amount used? also do you let the butter reach room temp and soften before mixing?


Tip: heeding the advice of other commenters, I rolled the cookie dough into 4 logs, wrapped in plastic wrap, and then stuck it in the fridge. The next day, I just cut disks of the cookie dough (fairly easily), sprinkled sea salt, and stuck it in the oven. So easy and you don't have to struggle with hard cookie dough! I highly recommend, even if you don't have bread or cake flour!


Great recipe! I followed it with the exception of some recommendations from readers: used a mixture of bittersweet, semisweet, and white chocolate; before chilling for 36 hours, I formed smaller than golfball-size balls and placed them in a large covered bowl (cannot imagine how hard it would be to work with the chilled, unformed dough); baked them on parchment lined baking sheets for 10 minutes before sprinkling a tiny pinch of flaked sea salt, then baked 5 minutes more.


Make 50 gram cookies (just under 2 ounces; a bit smaller than a golf ball), cook for 15 minutes. Flat disks work better than chips; the chocolate melts into layers. Use 10 ounces bittersweet and 10 ounces semisweet chocolate disks for a more complex flavor. The cookies should be puffy and starting to brown when you take them out of the oven. Using parchment paper makes it easy to transfer cookies from baking sheet to rack to cool further; let them cool completely before removing from parchment.

jenny w

I have made this so many times and every time people go CRAZY for them! I use Trader Joes chocolate that comes in a huge bar and then just chop it up with a butcher knife. This works perfectly and is very cost effective! Also, some of my people hate the salt on top, so I try to be fairly judicious when sprinkling it! Once you have made these you are going to be busy making them again and again and again and again and again!!!


Thank you, NYT, for this cookie recipe. Like many of the others I use AP flour in same amounts for the cake flour (or is it bread? See, I make this all the time and I don’t even know). I actually make 2.5 oz cookies and bake for 15 minutes. It’s still a generous cookie and makes plenty for the freezer. We call them emergency cookies in my house. You can pop one out of the freezer and bake straight away for the same amount of time in the event of any cookie emergencies. Make these!


Ice cream scoop. Check at 17 min350 oven


Don’t over mix! Especially when adding the dry ingredients


I will not make these again. For anyone liking a crisp edge, and chewy centre, these cookies are not for you. The comments about eating the first day they are made is bang on. After that, the only way to eat them is like biscotti they are so hard.They were hard the first day too, right after cooling off. I am an experienced cook, over 30 years.. followed the recipe exactly.


Delicious cookies, worth the nominal “fussiness” - made as directed except the size - 1 1/4 oz scoops for normal size cookies, approximately 12 minutes.

nursing a cooking addiction

Very delicious. Chilling before baking really is the key.

Tried and True

After making several batches, I can attest that this is an excellent and very forgiving recipe. I've tried it with only AP flour, with high-quality chocolate, then average-quality chocolate. I've replaced a quarter of the volume of chocolate with chopped walnuts. I've baked the cookies right away without refrigerating the dough, and I've frozen the dough to have cookies for a rainy day. Each time, the results have been nothing short of delicious!


On 2/27/24 Used 3 1/2 cups flour and 1 12 oz pkg semi sweet

Sarah G.

How would you adjust this recipe for high altitude?

Cooking in Canada

Do not refrigerate this dough in one big mass. You will not be able to scoop it without bringing it to room temperature again or softening it in the microwave. I agree with another reviewer, portion the cookies out onto the cookie sheet before refrigeration. Then pop them in the preheated oven after the suggested time frame for cooling the dough. You can also put them into the freezer pre portioned.

Elise Mugabo

I didn't refrigerate, and the cookies turned out absolutely wonderful. I used cake flour + regular flour (because King Arthur website said you could use regular & bread flour interchangeably), and there were zero issues. Finally, I used butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, and the salty/sweet ratio was amazing. In sum, no need to get so worked up as this recipe wants you to.


I made these with regular name brand chips (rhymes with Westle). I used way less than listed, I didn't bother with chocolate on the bottoms, I didn't have coarse salt, but after sampling I understand why the recipe calls for it. I used Cwarriner's tip from 6 years ago for browning the butter. Results? This is remarkably the best chocolate cookie I've ever made - which IS saying something --I baked cookies & cakes every weekend thru jr high (clue: I didn't say middle school).


This recipe is a WINNER! Love that it can all be mixed in one bowl. I've made this a couple of times, once with banana mixed in peanut butter straight, and then mashing banana before mixing with peanut butter (recommended). These cookies are soft and chewy for those who prefer their cookies this way. The storing instructions are valid but I've yet to freeze as the cookies are eaten well before freezing is needed :-)


What a great cookie. It’s now my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve successfully done 482g all purpose flour instead of the two flours. Also, I accidentally bought half the chocolate disks needed, so I filled the rest of the chocolate with random chocolate chips I had around (a mix of regular chip and mini chips) and honestly… perfect. Might recreate next time! Also 3.25 oz for a cookie is good. Lastly, if you do one thing from all the comments: MAKE THEM INTO BALLS BEFORE REFRIGERATING


I didn't make balls before refrigerating and found that the dough set up quite stiff. I ended up cutting into approximate 3 oz hunks with a large knife. Perfect? No, but still every bit delicious.


AMAZING, best cookies ever but the different types of flours got me to go to 4 different supermarkets.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (2024)
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